I’m a feminist and you should be too

There are people who believe that modern society treats men and women equally, but those people must have, like, zero experience of women in the real world

Because every girl I know has felt intimidated sexually at least at one point or another in her life, and usually quite often

Or they’ve experienced patronisation or discrimination because of their gender, because men don’t think of women as being as smart as them. They just don’t. You might be finding this hard to believe, because you’re surrounded by people who are liberal and under 25, but you would be amazed at how many men believe that women are for sticking their dick in and making them dinner. And not just bad men or big men. Men who are praised by their communities. Men who are nice.

My friend Sophie has a snapchat account and people send her random pictures of dicks. It’s fucking harrassment. She doesn’t like it. She wants it to stop. It won’t. 

My friend Avey can’t walk down the street without people wolf-whistling at them; today three people honked at them while they were walking down the street. Men in cars who could easily swing by and take them by force into the car. That is not a wild fantasy, it’s something that happens. 

They had to just deal with this fear, this embarrassment, three times in one walk. They’re fifteen years old. Wanna talk about this society’s fucked up relationship between how we loathe paedophiles more than anything but continue to forcibly sexualise young teenagers? I could go on. 

The way the world treats women (and of course by the world I mean MEN) makes me angry and frustrated. And when Avey’s telling me about this shit they have to deal with every day, it makes me disappointed in my own gender, and sharply aware of my own privilege. 

people of all sexualities and genders deserve the same rights as straight men. They do not have them. If you think otherwise, you are naïve. If you do not wish to fight for their equality, you are part of the problem.

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