So I’m gonna keep going on about this and I really really want you all to reblog it and talk about it if you wouldn’t mind doing so, because if you didn’t already know, I am going on a tour of the West Coast with some friends of mine next month, and if one person in the entirety of the second half of this year asks me if I’m “ever going to do any shows in Portland?!?!?” I will scream and scream until I’m sick.

  • June 18th 2012 - Vancouver, where I’ll be hanging out with peeps and saying hey and generally chilling out and playing some songs
  • June 20th 2012 - Seattle, a killer gig at the VERA project, which is an amazingly cool venue, and I’ll be hangin’ out afterwards and saying hey
  • June 22nd 2012 - Portland, where I’ll be playing my set on a FREAKIN’ CHURCH ORGAN. You do not want to miss this show. I’ll be around after too, saying hey and signing stuff. I’ll be doing that at every stage.
  • June 24th 2012 - San Francisco
  • June 27th 2012 - Anaheim

(I don’t know much about what’s happening for those last two, but whatever happens it’ll be amazeballs)

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

If you come to these shows, there’ll be merchandise that nobody else has - there are like 20 copies of the BLUE EXPLORERS SIX VINYL that I’ve held back to sell on this tour, which I’ll be able to sign for you, as well as comic booksI’ve done that haven’t been available to the general public before, and a sexy Tom Milsom t-shirt that won’t be available for sale outside of these shows!!!!!!!!!

What I am saying is this:

If you live on the west coast, and you consider yourself even the most tangential Tom Milsom fan, YOU NEED TO CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW AND BUY TICKETS BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE SUCH A GOOD TIME.

I hope to see you in a month ok guys! Please reblog this and make sure everyone who would want to know about this knows about it!!!!!!

Your dear friend,


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    I hope I am not the only 20 year old in the audience…
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    I so ‘cited. :’)
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    holy god i love tom milsom i might die when i see him in portland.
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    I’ve been quietly admiring Tom’s music for about 3 years now and it really pains me that I have exams and can’t make it...
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    you’re going to be in Seattle? I WILL MEET YOU.
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    I’m going! San Francisco!
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    I know how much all of you LOVE Tom It’s kind of a requirement if you want to follow me really Otherwise I don’t know...
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    wow holy fuck this is so exciting oh man!!!!! when will tickets for vancouver go on sale?
  18. regularguy5mb said: Tom, you magnificent mothertrucker! I will see you in Anaheim, sir!
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  23. realcardiac said: Do you think you might ever come to the east cost of the U.S. because that would be glorious.
  24. trefjar said: What venues are the shows at?
  25. oversetting said: I live on the West Coast! Of Australia, where not even Radiohead is bothered to visit, not to mention every other band I’ve ever wanted to see *weeps for hours* I would if I could Tom
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